Atomium AGSB
Posted: 09/02/2021 - 15:46
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Automatic transmission oil additive to remove jerks and shakes during shifting in automatic transmissions, reduce noise and vibrations, protect gears and bearings against wear. It also helps to restore belt tension in CVT (continuously variable transmissions), eliminate chain slips, extend service life of cones. Suitable for any brand of gearbox and for any type of transmission fluid. Atomium AGSB is chemically neutral and doesn’t change properties of transmission oil. HOW IT WORKS Friction surfaces of metallic parts are not completely plain. On the microlevel there are micropeaks and hollows. When two surfaces rubbing each other they first contact by peaks in multiple points. In small area around such point there happens to be very high temperature and pressure. Atomium AGSB contains special minerals. When they get into area with high temperature and pressure they get able to activate electronic links in the metallic surface. Thanks to that small particles of metal from the oil are getting attached to the surface. This process repeats in different points gradually creating a solid continuous protective layer all over the surface. The particles of the mineral itself remain in the oil and continue to affect the surface in other areas. The protective layer is characterized by a porous structure with a large number of micro-hollows. They are filled with oil, which forms a continuous film on it due to surface tension forces. It is able to withstand increased loads on the breakdown, does not drain, even when the unit is idle for a long time. The protective layer itself wears out much slower than the original factory surface due to increased microhardness and microelasticity. Optimized friction clearances and permanent dense oil film improve performance parameters of the treated mechanism.

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