Atomium Active Plus GASOLINE
Posted: 09/02/2021 - 16:24
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Tribotechnical compound is an engine oil additive aimed to restore engine operating characteristics: compression, power, acceleration, level of fuel consumption, and also to prolong engine lifetime. It also able to minimise risk of breakdowns in emergency oil loss. Compound is designed for treatment of petrol engines (or gasoline ones which is exactly the same) of passenger cars with a mileage more than of 50,000 kilometres. The additive is based on technology which allows to use it for engines of any type and design, including turbocharged and non-turbocharged ones. May be successfully used for gas engines (equally for CNG, LNG and LPG types of fuel) as well as for bi-fuel engines. Atomium Active Plus interacts only with metallic surfaces in friction areas. It is chemically neutral, doesn’t affect motor oil properties neither intentionally nor accidentally. HOW IT WORKS? There are no completely plain surfaces even if they look as a mirror-polished metal. On the microlevel there are peaks and hollows. When you rub two surfaces against each other the contact happens between peaks. In a little area around the point of contact for a split of second there happen to be a very high (more than 1000 degreed) temperature and pressure. Peaks get damaged and their particle flows out together with motor oil. Atomium tribotechnical compound contains tiny particles of the active mineral. When in area of high temperature and pressure the mineral activates electronic connections in the metal. It allows the surface to capture the metal from the engine oil. It happens all over the surface here and there over the time. At the end a special protective layer is formed on the entire friction surface. It is stronger than a normal surface and can hold denser oil film due to its porous structure. The micropores of the protective layer are filled with oil, which forms a continuous film under surface tension forces. Restoring the shape and more effective lubrication, allow the parts to perform their functions as it was laid down in the engine design, which leads to the restoration of the performance characteristics of all friction units.

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